Restoration :
Convincing restoration involves critical attention to detail. We have restored countless vehicles, reproducing some of the most beautiful as close to the original as humanly possible.
Collision Repair:
When you've been involved in an accident, you need to have someone who is reliable to repair your car. Ohio drivers have been trusting Main Paint & Body to provide prompt, professional, and highly accurate repair since we began in 1954. It's time for you to see how our commitment to excellent service, love of automotives and the use of the best equipment available can help both you and your car.
Though the art of leading is all but extinct, we are dedicated to restoring and repairing cars in the safest and most solid technique possible. This often means calling upon the most tried and true structure repair technique, leading.
The frame or unibody of your vehicle is comparable to the foundation of your home. It must be strong and precise before anything can be built or repaired around it. Metal repair and replacement is an extremely critical phase, and our pulling techniques and standards are second to none.
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